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Job description :
一、business manager 2 :
1、college degree or above, male or female, at least 1 years LED sales experience, marketing major is preferred.
2、responsible for domestic LED sales business, undertake and efforts to meet the company's sales target.
3、good at leading market management plan and understand the market quotation, with strong language skills, interpersonal skills, strain capacity, communication skills and affinity.
4、make the team sales plan, and lead the team to achieve sales target.
5、management and maintenance of customer relationships between customer long-term strategic cooperation plan.

二、salesman 3 (women preferred) :
1、college degree or above, major in marketing is preferred.
2、1 years LED sales industry work experience, performance prominent priority;
3、quick reaction, expression ability, has the strong communication ability and communication skills, have affinity;
4、have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good sense of customer service;
5、has the sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure;
6、has the team cooperation spirit, good at challenge.

三、Business assistant (female) two:
1、college degree or above, majored in electronic business, marketing professional;
2、proficient operation e-commerce platform, can be in alibaba, etc. Various kinds of platform for customer resources;
3、familiar with office software, sweet voice, a good talker
4、one year merchandiser kind of work experience.
5、and customers' relevant business between departments have strong communication and coordination ability.
6、work actively.

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