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The future of LED packaging technology

Ten trends of LED packaging technology in the future

According to industry forecasts, popular science: ten major trends in LED packaging technology in the future, here is also a brief introduction for your reference.

1. Medium power has become the mainstream packaging method.

At present, the products on the market are mostly high-power LED products or low-power LED products. Although they have their own advantages, they also have insurmountable shortcomings. And the mid-power LED products that combine the advantages of the two emerged as the times require and become the mainstream packaging method.

2. Application of new materials in packaging.

Due to higher and better environmental resistance, such as high temperature resistance, UV resistance and low water absorption, thermosetting materials such as EMC, thermoplastic PCT, modified PPA and ceramic-like plastics will be widely used.

3. Chip super current density application.

In the future, the chip super current density will develop from 350MA/mm? to 700MA/mm? or even higher. The chip demand voltage will be lower, a smoother VI curve (low heat generation), and a balance between ESD and VF.

Fourth, the popularity of COB applications.

With the advantages of low thermal resistance, good light profile, no soldering, and low cost, COB applications will be widely popularized in the future.

5. Demand for higher light quality.

Mainly for indoor lighting, LED indoor lighting products have an RA of 80 as the standard, and aim to achieve an RA of 90. Try to make the light color of the lighting product close to the Planck curve, so that the light can be uniform and glare-free.

6. The international and domestic standards have been further improved.

I believe that with the continuous improvement of LED packaging technology, domestic and international quality standards for LED products will continue to improve.

7. Integrated packaged light engine has become a package value.

The integrated packaged light engine will become the focus of Yiliang Optoelectronics' research and development in the next quarter.

8. Power supply solution (high voltage LED).

Yiliang Optoelectronics will pay more attention to the quality of indoor lighting in the future, and driven by cost factors, the power supply solution will gradually become an acceptable product, and the high-voltage LED fully caters to the power supply solution, but what it needs to solve is the reliability of the chip Sex needs to be strengthened.

9. Multi-color LED light source suitable for scene lighting.

Scene lighting will be the core competitiveness of LED lighting, and the second take-off of LED lighting in the future will need to be realized by scene lighting.

10. The demand for light efficiency is relatively low, and cost performance has become the magic weapon for packaging factories.

In the future, indoor lighting will not pay too much attention to light effect, but will pay more attention to light quality. With the improvement of packaging technology, the cost reduction of LED lamps has become an incentive to replace traditional lighting sources.


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