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The future development trend of high-voltage LED

The reason why the LED high-power lamp bead lighting market has stoked everyone’s appetite today and attracted so many people’s attention is nothing more than the following three aspects. First, its market is large enough; second, the end of this year or the beginning of next year , The first year of the LED high-power lamp bead lighting market will come, that is, LED lamp bead lighting will account for more than 10% of the total lighting fixtures; third, the market for incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps is basically A few suppliers such as Philips and OSRAM have different monopolies. Today, the LED lighting lamps produced by these large lamp suppliers only account for about 10% of the total lamp market. That is to say, the LED high-power lamp bead lighting market is not a monopoly market. Everyone There is also a chance to play inside.

   However, most LED chip suppliers today face a danger of being out, because the low-voltage LED chips they produce today will become increasingly difficult to sell to LED high-power lamp bead packaging manufacturers. Why? Because of the emergence of high-voltage LED lamp beads, high-voltage LED lamp beads have two obvious competitive advantages compared with low-voltage LED lamp beads:

  First, under the same output power, the drive current required by high-voltage LED lamp beads is much lower than that of low-voltage LED lamp beads. Take Epistar's high-voltage blue 1W LED lamp beads as an example, its forward voltage drop is as high as 50V, that is, it only needs 20mA drive current to output 1W power, while ordinary 1WLED with a forward voltage drop of 3V needs 350mA The drive current can only output 1W power, so the high-voltage LED lamp beads with the same output power dissipate much less power than low-voltage LED lamp beads when working, which means that the cost of the heat-dissipating aluminum housing can be greatly reduced.

  Second, high-voltage LED can greatly reduce the loss of AC-DC conversion efficiency. Taking 10W output power as an example, if a 1W high voltage LED with a forward voltage drop of 50V is used, the output terminal can be configured in 2 parallel and 4 strings. The forward voltage drop of 4 series LEDs is 200V, which means that it only needs to be purchased from the market. Electricity 220V alternating current (AC) can use bridge rectification and reduce 20V. But if we use 1W low-voltage LEDs with a forward voltage drop of 3V, even if 10 strings are connected together, the forward voltage drop is no more than 30V, which means that the voltage needs to be reduced from 220VAC to 30VDC. We know that the lower the input and output voltage difference, the higher the AC to DC conversion efficiency. It can be seen that if high-voltage LEDs are used, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the power loss during AC-DC conversion. A reduction in heat consumption can further reduce the cost of the heat dissipation housing.

Therefore, if high-voltage LED lamp beads are used to develop LED general lighting products, the overall power consumption can be greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the design requirements for heat dissipation enclosures. For example, we can use thinner and lighter aluminum enclosures to meet the heat dissipation of LED lamps. Demand, because the cost of heat-dissipating aluminum housing is one of the main cost components of LED lighting fixtures, the effective reduction of the cost of the aluminum housing also means an effective reduction in the overall cost of LED lighting fixtures.

It can be seen that high-pressure LED lamp beads can effectively reduce the cost and weight of LED lighting fixtures, but its more important significance is that it greatly reduces the design requirements of the heat dissipation system, thus effectively clearing the entry of LED lighting fixtures into the indoor lighting market. The biggest technical obstacle. Therefore, high-voltage LED lamp beads will dominate the future LED high-power lamp bead lighting market.


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