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What are the skills you choose LED?
What are the skills you choose LED?
The brightness of 1, brightness LED is different, the price is different. The LED for LED lamps shall be in accordance with the type I standard of the laser grade.
2, antistatic ability of antistatic LED, long life, so the price is high. The LED, which is usually antistatic more than 700V, can be used for LED lighting.
3, the LED with the same wavelength and wavelength is the same in color, and the price is high if the color is required. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED splitter to produce pure color products.
4, the leakage current LED is a one-way conductive luminescent body, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage, the leakage current is large LED, short life, low price.
5, the luminescent angle of LED with different luminous angles is different. Special luminescence angle, the price is high. Such as all diffuse angle, the price is high.
Key 6, life of different quality is life, life is decided by the light fades. A small decline, long service life, long service life, high price.
7, the luminescent body of the chip LED is the chip, the different chip, the price difference is very big. The chips in Japan and the United States are more expensive, and the prices of Taiwan and domestic wafers are lower than those of Japan and the United States.
8, the size of the wafer size chip is indicated by the length of the chip, and the quality of the large chip LED is better than that of the small chip. The price is proportional to the size of isomorphous.
9, colloid ordinary LED colloid is generally epoxy resin, and LED with UV and fireproof agent is more expensive. High quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV resistant and fire resistant.
UV LED curing benefits:
1, excellent performance, wear-resistant, solvent resistant, strike resistance, high strength;
2, the selection of a single set of systems does not need to be mixed, making it easy to use.
3, can instantly cure, save a lot of time, improve the output power, is beneficial to automatic production line;
4, the curing of the low temperature requirements, and then save energy, more can handle the data that is not suitable for high temperature curing, compared to heat curing energy consumption. The degree of curing is also high.
5, environmental health, no use of solvent, will not attack volatile gases, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body. .

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