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What is the COB light source?
COB light source is a high efficiency integrated surface light source technology posted on the metal substrate mirror the high reflection rate directly in the LED chip, this technique eliminates the support concept, no plating, no reflow, no patch process, so the process of reduction of nearly 1/3, also saves the cost of 1/3.
The COB light source can be simply understood as a high power integrated surface light source. The light source area and shape size of the light source can be designed according to the configuration of the product.
Product features: cheap, convenient
1, electrical stability, circuit design, optical design, heat dissipation design is scientific and reasonable. Heat sink technology is applied to ensure that LED has the leading thermal maintenance rate in the industry (95%).
2, it is convenient for the two optical matching of the product to improve the quality of lighting. High color, uniform luminescence, no spot, healthy and environmental protection.
3, simple installation, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of the design of lamps and lanterns, saving lamps and lanterns processing and subsequent maintenance costs.
COB chip on board (Chip On, Board, COB) process is the first surface of the substrate with a conductive epoxy resin (epoxy resin mixed with silver particles with covered silicon) placed, and then placed in a silicon wafer direct heat treatment to the silicon substrate surface, firmly fixed on the substrate, then by wire welding in between the wafer and the substrate directly establish electrical connections.

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